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    The 7th annual Lone Star Zine Fest will be taking place on October 1st, 2023 at the Blue Genie Art Bazaar!! The setup will be a little different than it was for our amazing 2020 Fest — it’s gonna be SPOOKIER!! We’re rolling with the October/Halloween vibe and it’s gonna be super GOTH in there!

    Come to the Fest to learn about zines! To buy zines! To meet zine creators! To make your own zine!

    Lone Star Zine Fest is a free, fun, all-ages event featuring zine creators, collectives, distributors, retailers, libraries, and small presses sharing their amazing work and showcasing the diversity of expression made possible by independent- and self-publishing. The Fest is organized by Austin Zine Friends, a small group of zine-loving volunteers who are passionate about creating space for zine creators and zine fans to come together.

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