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    Lord Friday the 13th Tape Release
    Grocery Bag

    Friday the 13th - Lord Friday the 13th is a dollar store trash-glam-punk band based in Austin, Texas. The band is fronted by brother-sister duo elix and Sloane Lenz and was formed in early 2019. Felix and Sloane grew up primarily in Athens, Texas but came to Austin as often as possible. Growing up almost entirely homeschooled/unschooled and in a small town, Felix and Sloane quickly realized they'd have to make their own fun. The isolation helped them foster their creativity and also instilled in them a strong sense of self mostly free from outside expectations and norms. Felix and Sloane became involved in their local community theatre and through it found an accepting community where they were able to get comfortable on stage and break out of their shyness. In 2015, they moved to Austin full time to continue taking (and teaching) classes at the Austin School of Film and began making music videos for musicians and bands in town. A band of their own was always a goal but until they decided to really prioritize it, they were kept very busy (Sloane with her clothing design and video editing and Felix with his graphic design and animation). Once Lord Friday the 13th became a reality, it was clear to them where their time and energy should be going. they've been able to use their combined skill sets to create their own little universe in the shape of a band.

    Favor - Favor is an American indie rock band, formed in 2017 and based in Austin, Texas. The band consists of guitarist and lead singer Jimmy Mercado, drummer Evan Campbell, and bassist Lo Gomez.

    Grocery Bag - Grocery Bag is a 4 piece garage/psych rock band formed in 2022 in Austin, Texas. Since then they have played venues ranging from CoOps, bars, and house shows. Their ability to switch between instruments showcases their musicianship and range of music.

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