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    100% of proceeds from this donation-based workshop go to support organizations with a primary focus of supporting BIPOC communities. The workshops are suitable for any age and any physical practice level.

    September 2: Kid's Yoga with Laura Merkel
    Location: Mary Moore Searight Park, 12 pm-1pm

    In this yoga class for kids (elementary-aged), we’ll combine yoga principles, social-emotional learning techniques, and plain old fun! They'll stretch and strengthen their bodies, express themselves creatively, and learn techniques for managing all the feelings they have. This past year has been just as hard on children as it has been on adults, so let’s give them space to move through it! This class is taught by Laura Merkel, a 500-hour yoga teacher who holds a certification in Trauma-Informed Yoga for Children and Teens.

    October 2: The Fact of Flesh with Rebekah Chappell
    Location: Mary Moore Searight Park, 4pm-5pm

    The Fact of Flesh is a creative process workshop that will explore practices from my latest solo performance series. We will investigate writing, movement, and vocal scores in order to unearth material for making. The intention is to locate processes that will allow the unconscious to surface, locating sensations, feelings, memories and lived experiences that are ripe for creation. All are welcome. No previous movement or performance experience needed.

    November 2: Julia Arbour
    Location: Zoom, 4pm-5pm

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