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    The wheel of the year inspires Malum Malus, an occult burlesque chantry of witches. Samhain is the witches’ new year and the night where the veil is at its thinnest. The chantry gathers to revel in darkness, and all manner of devilry and mischief is allowed on this one night. Can your mind withstand the horrors that will be summoned? Will you ascend and join the ranks as our newest initiate? We shall see...

    (Malum Malus performances usually sell out, so buy your tickets in advance!)

    Curated by Blaise Ricin. Hosted by Agatha Trystie. Featuring performances by Blaise Ricin, Fig, Sigh, Mandy Mezcal, Magpie, and Sunday Slaughter. Introducing: Copper Penny and Allegra Jade Fox.

    Lighting Design by Amy Lewis. Scenic Design by Daniel Hernandez. Stage Management by Catherine Kenner and Lena Alexander. Production Manager, Katie Hamilton. Managing Director, Melissa McKnight. Producing Artistic Director, Bonnie Cullum.

    New for the 2023-2024 season: Tickets for Malum Malus burlesque, performed three times a year, are now available to purchase as a bundle, in advance, at a discount. These shows often sell out, so if you want to see them all, consider buying tickets now to reserve your seats! Click here to learn more about the Malum Malus bundle.

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