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Man of Marble Screening at AFS Cinema Film & Theater

  • AFS Cinema
  • 6406 N IH-35 Frontage Road
  • Suite 3100
  • Austin, TX 78752
  • October 11, 2018
  • Time: Various

Wajda made two loosely connected films that would articulate contemporary Poland’s relationship with it’s recent political past. In the first, MAN OF MARBLE, a filmmaker attempts to discover the truth of the story of a discredited socialist hero whose image is enshrined in marble statues that are now hidden away from public view. As the filmmaker gets closer to the truth about the famous bricklayer, the complexities of the rise of communism in Poland are brought to light, and history’s effect on the current social struggle becomes radically apparent. MAN OF MARBLE balances satirical humor with Wajda’s poetic storytelling, and its own place in history is utterly unique. The 1970s brought a period of frequent strife between Polish workers organizing and party leaders, and the film’s release coincided with the strengthening of worker defense in Poland.

Man of Marble Screening at AFS Cinema