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    Heard Presents:
    MartyParty (of PANTyRAiD)
    at The Parish on 8/30

    Ages 18+
    Doors open at 9pm

    “I just wanted to hear hip hop club music so I started making it myself” - MartyParty

    MartyParty is an electronic music producer and performer. Born and raised in South Africa and currently residing in Miami, his music runs the gambit from ambient, bass, through hip hop to dirty club and festival music. Whatever the genre the music is always emotional and often experimental in nature.

    Based out of Miami, MartyParty started producing his own flavor of music in 2005 with a mission to change the monotony of electronic music by creating an entirely different electronic sound:more musical, more story telling, and more diversity in the beats. The result is a growing anthology of MartyParty and PantyRaid music crossing over most popular genres into a rich original sound.

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