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    2020 FLSA Master Class: Texas Advanced Skills for Wage and Hour Compliance Management

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    On-Site Seminar:

    Austin, Texas | Tuesday, January, 14, 2020

    BLR’s Wage and Hour Master Class features an all-new agenda on how to tackle the latest compliance challenges stemming from miscalculations of pay, compensation planning practices, salary communication missteps, and more, such as:

    Overhaul of the Department of Labor (DOL) Wage and Hour Division’s (WHD) final overtime exemption rule, effective January 1, 2020

    Updates on pay equity legislative trends and the practical impact of Congress’ proposed Paycheck Fairness Act and WAGE Equity Act

    The increased risk of class and collective actions under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which could result in financial liability into the millions of dollars

    The latest prohibitions on requests for applicants’ salary history

    - How to maneuver sensitive salary communication conversations that you should have when converting exempt workers to nonexempt status
    - How bonuses factor into the new salary threshold for overtime exemption
    - How to correctly calculate overtime pay in compliance with applicable FLSA overtime regulations
    - How to analyze required duties tests for each job to ensure that your employees meet the salary and duties tests required for overtime exemption
    - How to minimize the risk of EEOC, OFCCP, or private lawsuits alleging unfair pay practices by conducting a comprehensive pay equity audit that corrects disparate compensation practices while preserving the all-important “privilege”
    - How to determine groupings for compensation analysis by job title, job family, pay grade, and overtime exemption status

    An examination of no-poaching agreements which prevent franchisees from employing current or recent former employees of the franchisor or other franchisees, without consent of the current or recent former employer

    Top FLSA timekeeping, hours of work, and recordkeeping pitfalls to avoid and stay off state DOL and federal WHD enforcement officers’ radars

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    Pat Richter

    Patrick S. Richter is Of Counsel and the Office Litigation Manager of the Austin, Texas, office of Jackson Lewis P.C. His practice consists of representing employers in all aspects of the employment relationship, from preventive counseling and advice, to drafting and negotiating contracts, to litigation.

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