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    Matthew Squires is a singer-songwriter based in Austin, Texas. With his distinctive vocal style and penetrating lyrics, Squires has carved out a unique niche for himself within the realm of indie pop, creating an idiosyncratic sound which manages to touch the heart and mind in equal measure. In 2017, Squires released his most recent album, Tambaleo. Debuting at #40 on the CMJ College Radio Charts, Tambaleo has been heralded by critics, and has been called, among other things, a "masterpiece," and his "most fully realized work to date."

    Join us August 30th at Independence Brewing Co. for the release of Matthew Squires' newest album "Visions of America"!

    7:00 PM Bogbody

    8:00 PM Space Tan

    9:00 PM Matthew Squires

    10:00 PM Ama

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