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    Meet Max & Heather Stalling, the dynamic singer-songwriter duo from Dallas, TX, bringing a unique blend of lyrics, vocals, and fiddle playing to the heart of Texas and Americana music.
    Max and Heather, married since 2007, are finally combining their musical talents to create a captivating project. Max handles rhythm guitar and lead vocals, while Heather brings her exceptional fiddle skills and harmony vocals to the stage. After years of individual success, their collaboration promises a fresh and exciting musical experiences. Their performances, a blend of Max's 20+ years of original songs, occasional joint compositions, and well-chosen covers, create a show filled with musical prowess, witty banter, and a touch of humor. First-time listeners can expect a fun balance between solid originals, masterful fiddle playing, and engaging storytelling.

    Jade Marie Patek makes her long-anticipated album debut with 'Song in my head' and the project is worth every minute of the wait. Fans nostalgic for the authenticity and charming twang of 90s country music will rejoice at Patek, whose powerful voice and heartfelt storytelling are a welcome breath of fresh, southern air.

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