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    Like much of her writing, the song applies a homespun sensibility — and a bit of humor — to questions about life's journeys. "I was turning over in my mind what it means to have something 'borned in ya,'" she said. "The song evolved as I was writing it to be more about having your soul 'borned it ya,' and the more life experience you have, you hopefully grow to embody the highest version of yourself that you can be." "Borned In Ya" could certainly stand as a reflection on Carper's life in music. "Authentic" might be an overused word to describe an artist's appeal, but there's something so natural and true about Carper's musicality that she must have been born with it: An easy sway to her singing, a precise, but laid back sense of timing. A feel. And, lyrically, she has an instinctive sense for storytelling, both observant and intuitive.

    Carper is eager for the release of Borned In Ya, and hopes it will resonate with fans of her earlier work while establishing an artistic step forward. "People call me retro or throwback, and I've been OK with that," she says. "But, I feel like I'm still creating something new. I'm taking styles and blending things in a way that maybe hasn't been done before. And, in the process, I'm evolving in my own way."

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