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Michal Menert x Exmag Tour at Empire Live Music

Michal Menert x Exmag

at Empire Control Room on 4/26

18+ w/ $5 minor surcharge

Doors: 9pm


Michal Menert and the Pretty Fantastics have succeeded in creating a both a profoundly beautiful piece of art and a thought-provoking work of philosophical poetry.“We too often move through life on autopilot. When we stop and look back, it’s all a blur” explain Menert. “This record is an exploration of how seemingly inconsequential moments ripple through time and haunt us. I want to help people realize that they’re not the only ones confused about how this is all supposed to go down.It’s universal.”


Where the new and the old are reconciled, where powerful and meek, beautiful and tragic are one, exists Exmag. These musicians take many forms and use their driving, soulful fusion to bring you a celebration of Extraordinary Magnitude. Celestial harmonies and ancient rhythms take you on a journey neither here nor there, to explore the space in between.

Michal Menert x Exmag Tour at Empire