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    Heard Presents:

    Middle Class Murder w/ The Hard Truth, Convict Hillbillies at Empire Control Room 8/1

    Ages 18+ 
    Doors open at 8pm

    Formed in 2007, Middle Class Murder has been undulating dance floors across the west, from San Francisco, CA to Austin, TX. Good time, toe-tapping songs that make you smile, laugh, dance and think all at the same time. Always difficult to define, with melodies and harmonies that are strangely familiar and fresh at the same time, MCM writes and performs original songs that generate comparisons like "dunno... kinda feels like Fleetwood Mac meets Cheap Trick meets the Grateful Dead?" True story.

    Back with a new record, and some new faces, MCM is hitting the road to promote the new record, The Homestead. We'll see you in Austin at the Empire Control Room on Thursday, 8/1.

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