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    ISHIDA Dance Company presents "mutability" at The Long Center in Austin June 12-14, 2024!

    The program includes two original ISHIDA poetic narratives: "green apples"—which experiments with matriarchal archetypes granting and rescinding power with a cast of four formidable women; and "mutability". Following a struggling young actor on set in rehearsal, "mutability" employs magical realism and the form of a meta-play to further the drama and connection to the audience with text from acclaimed Japanese author Haruki Murakami.

    The program also includes the US premiere of an intimate work by Marco Geocke, Germany’s most renown and prolific contemporary choreographer over the past two decades. The evening promises to be a unique opportunity to see some of the best and most interesting choreography from Europe and the US.

    This project has been financed in part by the City of Austin's Elevate Grant program.

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