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    Nelson Saga will be performing all original compositions of Trova and World Music. Nelson will be joined on stage by various renowned Austin musicians like Roberto Paolo Riggio on violin, Michael Longoria and his Jazz Quartet, Elena Diaz with her mesmerizing voice, Englesson Silva on guitar and Joe England with his magic flute. Brazilian composer and guitarist Antonio Dionisio will open the musical experience with his diverse sounds. Nelson will bring to life from his recently recorded album Cosmico Juglar, a masterfully crafted album that mixes complexly accessible lyrics with some times playful images while not shying from difficult topics.

    This unique experience will immerse you in a world of social consciousness, stimulating ideas and humorous fun through the sneak peek of the animated short film being produced to accompany his new single the Legend of Cipitio. Folkloric dancers and art performers will also contribute to visually bring the music to life. We can't wait to see you there!

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