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    No Des Papaya
    Saturday, February 29th | 6-9pm

    Rossana Romero’s series 'No Des Papaya’ focuses on the divide in identity as someone who was born in Colombia but immigrated at a young age to the United States. 'No Des Papaya’ is a Colombian slang term which means to not put yourself in a position where you become vulnerable and can be taken advantage of. Rossana's work highlights the sacrifices that are made to come to the US that puts families in a vulnerable place. Places where you are stuck between coming home to the culture of your family and your country, and where you must live every day at the speed of the United States to stay alive. All while giving up the treasure of your home and struggling to find a safe space to call your own.
    On display until March 28th at MoonTower Cider Company.

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