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    No Lights No Lycra is a DJ night that’s not at the club, a workout that’s not at the gym, a personal meditation that’s anything but silent.

    Imagine dancing around your bedroom in your PJs, singing into a hairbrush. Now take that same feeling and put it into a dark room with tons of space, your friends, and a sweet sound system. THAT'S No Lights No Lycra.

    NLNL (https://www.nolightsnolycra.com/) is a substance-free, judgment-free event that started more than a decade ago in Australia and now happens in more than 50 communities all over the world, including right here in Austin, Texas.

    Our resident DJ Brian Blackout and guests play a wide-ranging mix of genres: indie, electropop, synthpop, disco, dusty rock + R&B records, regular funk, future funk, synthwave, new wave, many other waves, and much more. 

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