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    Obscure Holidays, a trade portfolio featuring Slugfest Printmakers.

    Bethany Andrée
    Carol Hayman (Participant Stop #110 Austin Studio Tour 2022)
    Carolyn Porter Stuart
    Didier Bardon
    Douglas Cushing
    Jill Thrasher
    Margie Simpson
    Mike Pollock
    Katy Polston
    Samantha Simpson
    Shailee Thakkar
    Theresa Bond
    Tom Druecker

    The portfolio Obscure Holidays is the end product of an annual exchange portfolio in which the members and friends of Slugfest Printmaking Workshop create a print based on a theme. This year’s theme, Obscure Holidays, was suggested by member Carolyn Porter. For an exchange portfolio each participant creates a specific number of prints on a specific paper size to be included in the edition. Each member receives a portfolio of one print from every participant and one of their own.

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