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    Overheard on a Train is a brand-new interactive, immersive experience that happens on board Austin’s metrorail!

    Guaranteed to be the coolest thing you've never done—you and three friends will sign up as a group, and you'll receive a script when you board the train. During the train journey, your foursome will read the script to each other, out loud. (It’s a “table read,” and you are the actors!) You won't know the plot in advance; instead, your collective story will unfold as you turn each page and deliver each line.

    All guests enjoy a free drink at Black Star Co-op during intermission, and the 2-hour experience starts and ends at the Downtown Station. Choose 1:00pm or 3:30pm start time.

    This unique event will have you laughing with your friends and giving three cheers for public transportation! (And you know Austin needs a little more enthusiasm on that front.) More info & tickets at cheerfulsecrets.com/train | Instagram @cheerfulsecrets

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