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    As the frontman, guitarist and songwriter for the band The Lost & Nameless Orchestra, Patrick Conway has spent the last fifteen years gigging all over the U.S. and playing every major folk festival and songwriter friendly venue in Texas and beyond. Highlights from his travels with his band include performances at the Americana Music Festival in Chicago, Kerrville Folk Festival, Old Settler’s Music Festival, Folk Alliance International, Fischer Festival, Minnesota State Fair and The Wildflower Festival in Dallas, as well as House Concerts and all of the wonderful listening rooms and grocery stores in his hometown of Austin, Texas. Patrick never turns down a gig for a listening crowd and tirelessly works to entertain when given an audience and a microphone.

    With years of working in recording studios and multiple releases under his belt, Patrick has currently finished a collection of songs to be released in January of 2024. The album is called "MERIDIAN" and is a celebration of and tribute to all that is important in his life. Love, Home & Family are some of the themes on “MERIDIAN”. It also touches on the inevitable, but beautiful... Loss. The album was produced mostly at home, late at night with everyone in the house sleeping, but features some amazing guest musicians on drums, violins, organ, backing vocals and saxophone.

    With her band, The Gatherers, Phoebe Hunt has found the musical wings upon which to soar within her unique world of artistic expression. From American Songwriter to NPR’s Heavy Rotation, her music is reaching an audience that listens beyond the status quo. Her upcoming release, Neither One of Us Is Wrong, has deep story lines focused on the journey of our society and the times we live within. Connected by a thin thread of reconciliation, Hunt offers a discourse that must be facilitated delicately through the lens of the artist’s perspective. “With so much division in our society, even inner familiarly, people can feel lost, like they don’t even know how to begin the conversation. So they stop talking.” Neither One of Us Is Wrong explores the myriad of emotions that encompass that disconnection.

    Although Ali Holder was raised on outlaw country in Wichita Falls, Texas, she is influenced by a broad swathe of styles including country, jazz, blues, folk and indie. “I use slashes a lot,” Holder notes. “Folk/country/blues/Americana/jazz. I don’t think I have to be any one thing.” She began writing, singing and playing guitar in junior high, and fell in love with songwriters early on- “Janis Joplin and the women of Lilith Fair had a big impact on me growing up”.

    Imagine Ben Harper and Ray Lamontagne heading over to Abbey Road in a cadillac convertible to pick up John Lennon and Paul McCartney so they can catch the tail end of The Reverend Al Green's sermon....that’s Ray Prim.

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