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    Pluckers Wing Bar will host an exciting NFL Draft Party on Thursday, April 25 at all Texas locations. Each Pluckers location will select specific guests to act as a “general manager” for an NFL team in the first round. The “general manager” will be asked to guess who his or her team will draft, and if the guess is correct, everyone at that Pluckers location will be eligible for an incredible food or drink special, available only until the next team’s pick. Everyone in attendance at the end of the draft who arrived before the 10th pick is eligible to win a $25 gift card.

    New this year, all Texas Pluckers’ locations will be competing against each other in the NFL Draft Party. If your Pluckers location gets the most correct, five guests will each win a $25 gift card.

    The Horn will host the NFL Draft Party at all Austin locations. On-air talent at each location will be:

    Linc – Kevin Dunn
    Research – Chad Hastings
    Lakeline – Trey Elling
    Round Rock – Wags
    Rio Grande – BK
    South Lamar – Rod Babers
    Oak Hill – Erin Hogan

    Specials will include rotating food and drink specials and will go up in value as the draft picks become harder to predict. For more information, please visit www.pluckers.com or the Pluckers Wing Bar Facebook page at www.facebook.com/Pluckers.

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