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    Window Dressing VIII, featuring Juliette Nickle
    September 21, 2020 thru September 28, 2020
    Exhibition on view 24 hours/day

    Politics As Usual

    A series of political collages created over the course of multiple elections. In our current political climate bringing this work to the viewer feels more crucial than ever. The collages consist of images clipped together to express the churning fear of the destruction of the planet and its inhabitants. High gloss photos shown in an alternate context, merging together, packed in tightly, a Where’s Waldo of capitalistic pain.

    Juliette Nickle, collage artist, student at Austin Community College. Currently exploring the materiality of paper even further, on a larger scale.

    Window Dressing is a project space located in the front window of ICOSA Gallery at the Canopy Arts Complex. Window Dressing highlights the work of emerging, local, and underrepresented artists with short run shows on view while the main gallery is closed for installation.

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