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    The 4th Annual Practice Progress UNtensive, an embodied virtual creative workshop offered in partnership with ARCOS Dance and the University of Texas at Austin, invites movers, teachers, artists, organizers, and others to cultivate the skills and community to move bravely through this moment of necessary change.

    Led by Kai Hazelwood and Sarah Ashkin, embodied anti-racism co-facilitators of Practice Progress, and a community of renowned guest artists: Eva Yaa Asantewaa, Dr. Alesondra “Alex” Christmas, Rebecca Fitton, Keegan James Sarmiento Kloer, Rajni Shah, and Miles Tokunow. In homage to the creative legacies of BIPOC and more-than-human beings who have survived and shape-shifted through multiple apocalypses, this year’s Practice Progress UNtensive invites us to a portal party to embrace the end of this world and imagine the next one.

    Thursday, June 20–Sunday, June 23, 2024
    11am–1pm CDT (Anti-Racisting for the Apocalypse)
    2–3:30pm CDT (Creative End-of-Worlding)
    First-come, first-served one-on-one slots after daily sessions

    Register by June 19 at arcosdance.com

    This project has been financed in part by the City of Austin’s Elevate Grant Program.

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