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    Meanwhile Brewing is hosting a pre-Valentine's Day Market on Sunday, 02.05.2023! Shop for gifts for you or a loved one with local vendors. Our food trucks and taproom are open, and we have a heated tent with live music in the evening.


    Free Wheelin' Goods
    It's a Muud
    Ivelisse Designs
    Keiko Hayner
    Lyssandra Gallup Ceramic Designs
    MeeMoo Ceramics
    Ricka Made
    Sail Camp
    Sol Sisters Collective

    Yvonne Shoots is offering large format film portraits (available for viewing & shipping within 1-2 weeks of the event) and Instax film portraits (available immediately!). Each option accommodates 1-2 people per photo.

    6th House Astro is offering mini chart readings and oracle readings!

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