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    Rather than spending the weekend before Valentine's Day staying in & watching a Lifetime movie of the week, why not go out the weekend before and line up a date for actual Valentine's Day or if you're already in a relationship have a great night out?

    This event is open to everyone. Upon check in you will receive either a "green" glow-in-the-dark necklace signaling you are single & available, a "yellow" necklace denoting "it's complicated" or a "red" necklace meaning you're "off the market."

    Our DJs will also have all singles switch to certain color channels at different points of the night also to highlight who is single and available.

    The Belmont has a gorgeous indoor space and spacious outdoor patio to party on!

    Check out the latest party craze sweeping Europe & Asia! As seen in the NY Post & Daily News.

    If you've yet to experience a silent disco party it's definitely something you should check out. Everyone receives a set of wireless headphones upon arrival. You get the option to tune in to one of three live DJ's spinning different genres of music.

    Blue Channel: Hip-hop/R&B

    Green Channel: EDM/Top 40

    Red Channel: 80s, 90s, 2K

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