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    What: Purple Martin Parties
    Where: Near the Burlington Coat Factory at La Frontera Village (130 Sundance Pkwy #100, Round Rock, TX 78681)
    When: July 17, 24, 30
    Time: 7:45 pm – 8:45 pm
    Cost: Free

    Contact: Caley Zuzula: caley@travisaudubon.org, 512-300-2473

    Travis Audubon will be hosting, once again, its Purple Martin parties where hundreds of people congregate to watch 400,000+ Purple Martins “swirl” into their roosting site at La Frontera Village in Round Rock. Birders and non-birders alike will be entertained by the show, so bring your family, friends, and neighbors and join us for an evening of fun.

    Purple Martins begin roosting together by the thousands in early summer, as soon as their chicks leave the nest, in preparation for their migration to South America, where they live during our winter.

    After dining on insects during the day and prior to settling down for the night, these highly social birds put on a spectacular aerial acrobatics show before landing in roost trees. Onlookers from previous performances described it as, “a hurricane of birds,” “way cool,” and “better than the bats!”

    Binoculars are optional, but lawn chairs, cameras, and hats are highly recommended!

    For additional information, please see below:

    Purple Martin Parties 2021: https://travisaudubon.org/purple-martin-parties
    Purple Martins at Highland Mall (Texas Parks and Wildlife) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AG9ktu6p4t4
    Purple Martin Land Lords (Texas Parks and Wildlife) http://youtu.be/i5RfRs0jyzU

    About Travis Audubon
    Travis Audubon is an independent chapter of the National Audubon Society. Travis Audubon inspires conservation through birding and raises awareness of the importance of native plant and animal life.
    Travis Audubon manages three wildlife sanctuaries in and around Austin including the 715-acre Baker Sanctuary, which provides critical habitat for the endangered Golden-cheeked Warbler. The Chaetura Canyon Sanctuary is home to more than 30 nesting avian species and is world renowned for research and conservation of Chimney Swifts. Blair Woods in east Austin is a ‘living lab’ for habitat restoration and education.

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