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    The colorful history of the American West — and Texas — comes to life in this nationally acclaimed musical documentary “Romancing the West,” a celebration of the lives, hopes and dreams of the diverse peoples who were part of the great Westward Expansion period.

    Starring singer-songwriter Christina Lynn Martin and noted Cowboy balladeer and balladeer Butch Martin, the must-see show gives the audience a chance to experience and re-live this storied nineteenth-century era through song — “How the West Was Sung,” is how Christina Martin explains it.

    The traveling show has been a hit in dozens of other cities where it has played, and promises to be a full-family draw for its exclusive Austin engagement in two performances —a 4 p.m.matinee and a 7 p.m. command performance — in our historic Wessels Hall. What could be better than to experience this premier history show in an historic dance hall?

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