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    Sacred Earth Stories is an original performance choreographed by Anuradha Naimpally, artistic director of Austin Dance India. Connecting ancient Greek, Indian and Peruvian mythologies to current issues of sustainability and global climate change, Sacred Earth Stories features Bharata Natyam, a traditional style of Indian dance, an original score played live by local musicians and spoken word commentary.

    The mythologies of ancient cultures often personify Earth as a life-giving goddess. In Sacred Earth Stories, tales of Bhoomi Devi (Mother Earth in Indian mythologies), Gaia (Earth Goddess in Greek mythologies) and Pachamama (Goddess of Fertility and Abudance in Peruvian mythologies) are presented through the lens of our current deforestation and pollution issues. A seven-part musical ensemble, featuring traditional Indian instruments including the sitar, tabla, kanjira, doumbek, mridangam and harmonium, provides the backdrop for the performance, which urges a respectful alliance with our Earth to protect its resources for the next generation.

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