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    Saint Somebody
    by Rita Anderson
    Directed by Christina J. Moore

    SYNOPSIS: When an African-American “deserter” wanders into the camp of the Irish Brigade near Gettysburg, conflicts intensify, but the soldier carries
    an old statue that his family calls “Saint Somebody,” since they don’t know her real name. Based on real events at The Wheatfield, Saint Somebody suggests one solution as to how the Brigade of 600 held back Confederate troops for three days when they were outnumbered by thousands. What the Irish Brigade needed—and found—was a miracle.

    A play about the women and other unsung heroes in the Civil War, Saint Somebody explores a part of history that has not been dramatized. It confronts the brutalities of war (to include behind-the-battlefield issues), and the characters demonstrate love’s resilience and the necessity of hope to keep the spirit alive in dire straits.

    Thursday - Sunday
    November 14 - December 01

    Trinity Street Theatre
    901 Trinity Street
    Austin, TX 78701

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