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    Sam will be joining us from one of the cradles of civilization in the Central Valley of Oaxaca (Teotitlán del Valle). His family is a traditional Benizaa (Zapotec) family of weavers. Benizaa means "people from the clouds" in the native language. Sam will share the richness of his community's agroecosystem that goes back 10,000+ years growing food that is now protected through UNESCO. He will weave a story connecting the cycle of nature's elements that create the beauty of the food to the hand-woven tapestries of the region. Sam will also discuss the fight against GMOs and industrial farming that continues in Mexico and is led by the indigenous people. We hope to inspire and share why this intangible heritage of humanity is so sacred and must be protected. We will have a Spanish language interpreter so please invite your Spanish speaking friends and neighbors.

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