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    Get ready for the 14th annual Sherwood Forest Faire, a medieval themed festival running for eight weeks in the rebuilt spaces in the woods near McDade, Texas. The event includes over 150 shows daily and 170 artisans. Enjoy the famed jousting contests, entertainment including musicians, magicians, jugglers, Legendary Heroes and much more. Come dressed in theme (medieval or Fae) to soak in the atmosphere and compete in the costume contest with judges roaming around the faire to find the winners. Twelve more acres for campers were added in 2022. Become versed in addressing royalty as you might get lucky and see Robin Hood, Maid Marion, Prince John and the Sheriff of Nottingham!

    Disclaimer: Sherwood Forest Summer Camp is fraught with confrontations between Robin and his Merry Folk, the Sheriff and his deputies, and the Fae Folk. It is possible campers may be called on to help Robin defend Sherwood Keep.

    Open weekends: March 4 - April 23, 2023

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