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Si Se Puede ft. El Dusty, Superfonicos, DJ Chorizo Funk Live Music

Heard Presents:
¡Si, Se Puede!
ft. El Dusty, Superfónicos, DJ Chorizo Funk
y MAS!

☞ Doors: 7pm

Heard Presents is teaming up with non-profit organizations and current political candidates in efforts to encourage the Austin community, especially minority communities, to get out the vote. Si Se Puede includes tabling by non-profits, candidates running in the upcoming election as well as live music by El Dusty (Universal Records), Superfonicos, and DJ Chorizo Funk (Peligrosa). Adding to the festivities, Las Ofrendas (also known to some as Frida Fridays) will host an arts marketplace with handmade goods from artists of color.

“Lower turnout, especially among Hispanics, has meant that Democrats have not been able to ride that support to victory.”- US News

Non-profit organizations will provide information including the League of Women Voters, DSA Queer Coalition, Jolt Texas, Indivisible Austin, and Hispanic Caucus. Candidates appearing include Reedy Spigner, Mariana Salazar, Amit Motwani and Tzatzil LeMair, Bobby Levinski and more.

¡Si, Se Puede! Yes, we can!

Si Se Puede ft. El Dusty, Superfonicos, DJ Chorizo Funk