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    Free Fun for all!

    In Eastern Slavonic cultures, Maslenitsa (Rus., Belarus.) or Masnytsja (Ukr.) is an analog of the western Carnival.
    There is almost the same fun before the Lent but with its specific peculiarities having roots in ancient Eastern Slavonic heathen views.

    Fair, live Slavic music, Slavic folk choirs (totally live!)), Slavic round dances (khorovod), quadrille, theater performance with fire and knights-bogatyrs (crazy sword fights are included). Vendors offering traditional food, colorful souvenirs, handmade gifts and much more. You can have fun with traditional Line dance Kadrille and ritual circle dance Khorovod.

    Special for Maslenitsa

    In addition, Volleyball and Corn Toss Tournament (registrations open on the website)

    Join us to celebrate the beginning of spring in Slavic style! The centuries-old tradition is still alive today!

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