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Sleeping with Sirens Presents: The Chill Out Summer Acoustic Tour with Special Guests The Rocket Summer and Kulick Live Music

  • 3TEN
  • 310 Willie Nelson Blvd, Suite 1A
  • Austin, TX 78701
  • July 24, 2018
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Price: $29.50


SLEEPING WITH SIRENS drive right to the core of the place inside that connects people through music. The band’s urgent anthems and earnest ballads communicate authentic, raw, transparent emotions through melody, a rhythmic punch and that intangible essence that makes one feel alive. Kellin Quinn’s intimate vocal revelations arrive drenched in a warm vulnerability that has stitched fans around the world to the band.

Guitarists Jack Fowler and Nick Martin, bassist Justin Hill and drummer Gabe Barham forge a vibrant collage via instrumental backdrop; always in service to the song and the powerful audience connection their songs create. The devotion of the SWS faithful is potent and palpable every time Quinn’s voice ascends to his signature banshee-wail, whether that’s on record, in videos, live onstage, or in collaboration with his peers.

Quinn’s angelic voice and the easygoing affability of all five guys endears them to a diverse audience, people more friends than fans in a sense, people who connect with the singer’s personal tales of childhood woe (“Free Now,” “Trophy Father Trophy Son”), tender love letters (“If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn”), and direct encouragements to seize the day (“Scene Two – Roger Rabbit”) and triumph over heartache (“Feel”) and pushback against the hater brigades (“Congratulations”).


Sleeping With Sirens have taken to referring to themselves and their fellow outsiders as Strays, a concept immortalized in the song of the same name on the band’s Epitaph debut. Produced by hit-maker John Feldman (5 Seconds Of Summer, Panic! At The Disco), Madness is an electric celebration of all that is SWS and everything they represent. It’s a reminder and an exclamation point as to exactly why so many consider this band to be the voice of their generation, a hilarious happenstance considering SWS humility and humble beginnings, not unlike Hayley Williams or Patrick Stump, in truth. - Epitaph



After reaching the top of the Billboard Rock Charts with his previous albums Do You Feel, Of Men And Angels, and the self-released Life Will Write The Words, The Rocket Summer's sixth album, Zoetic, marks a creative milestone for Texas-born songwriter & multi-instrumentalist Bryce Avary. The sonically and emotionally compelling tunes 'Same Air,' 'Cold War,' and 'Help Me Out' showcase Avary's mature songwriting skills and studio mastery, while tapping into a wellspring of edgy inspiration that reflects the unique creative journey that produced the album. 'It's the most alive music I've ever made,' Bryce Avary says of Zoetic. 'I think that's why it sounds a bit different, because it's raw, creative expression with zero rules.' With never-ending support from a faithful legion of fans around the world, Zoetic is poised to kickstart the next phase of The Rocket Summer.

Sleeping with Sirens Presents: The Chill Out Summer Acoustic Tour with Special Guests The Rocket Summer and Kulick