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    Unlike other aria programs, this one has been living inside Jeanne Dayton Sasaki's head for a lifetime.

    Curated in memory of Jeanne's late mother, Patricia Freund –a soprano whose voice filled her childhood and inspired her lifelong dedication to singers and music – these are the songs her mother taught her.

    This concert could be the impetus for your new opera playlist. You're invited to settle in, get comfy, and let the music and melodies wash over you, surrounded by a warm, inviting community.

    You'll be treated to four Austin women sharing big, luscious arias with Jeanne expertly at the piano.

    Bethany Naef Ammon | June Julian | Icy Monroe | Maureen Broy Papovich

    Discover for yourself why these pieces continue to inspire!

    Proceeds from this concert benefit One Ounce Opera, in honor of Patricia Freund.

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