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    Professional Development (Total of a 7 week program)
    LEVEL: Intermediate/Advanced

    Saturdays 1:30-3:30pm
    @ First Street Studio
    $10, Cash or Paypal
    Drop-in available!

    Designed for:

    => MUSICIANS who wish to work alongside dancers and incorporate choreography as a compositional device to create a symbiotic process with the dancers that is based on their movement.

    => Professional DANCERS who want to work in depth on choreographic material that will be created hand-in-hand with the choreographer, the musicians and the dancers. For dancers who seek a company's rehearsal experience, but also open to Dance STUDENTS and DEDICATED MOVERS interested in theatrical and contemporary movement.

    Offered by Corps Multiple. Dancers led by choreographer Sandie Donzica, musicians led by composer François Minaux

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