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    A Reading of spayce boys Written by Mateo Hernandez

    IGGY and OÑIO are two middle school boys who have a hard time fitting in with nearly anyone around them – peers at school, family at home and even each other. But, one night OÑIO decides to take IGGY on an intergalactic adventure into outer-spayce to figure out if they can actually become friends after constantly ignoring each other at school. Traversing through planets with friendly aliens, stardust meteor showers and even a lunar encounter, the boys start to see each other for who they really are and, in the process, see themselves too.

    Sunday, March 3rd 11:00AM

    LEARN MORE: https://theatredance.utexas.edu/event/utnt-ut-new-theatre-spayce-boys

    PURCHASE TICKETS: https://tadticketing.thundertix.com/events/211929

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