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    Create, Drink and Be Merry with Upstairs Circus at a Spring Series Project Social- a designated time to gather, connect, enjoy refreshing libations and make modern DIY Projects- in a hip, design forward, inspiring bar environment.

    During a Spring Series Project Social, select any project to make from our 30+ DIY Projects on the Upstairs Circus Project Menu. Once a project is selected, Circus-Goers are then given supplies, tools, space and a tutorial for their chosen project. At Upstairs Circus, we don't teach step-by-step classes, but rather, allow patrons to create (and party) at their own pace, enlisting assistance from our Circus Performers as needed!

    From leather working, jewelry making, woodworking, art and more, you'll be sure to find a DIY project from our Project Menu that your excited to make- maybe even learn a new skill from- and have a magnificent time completing!

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