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    "In this vivid, small-scale human comedy Carlo Lorenzo and Natalie Garcia acknowledge our pandemic times and take us away from them. May they continue to exercise that gift of magic." - Michael Meigs, CTX Live Theatre

    "If you're in Austin and you love LIVE theatre, do yourself a favor and get your tickets for STRANGE BUT PERFECT starring Carlo Garcia and Natalie D. Garcia. I laughed. I cried. It was fantastic." - Audience Feedback

    "Affectionate and smart script with two endearing, hilarious performances...I don't know how they did it. They took something that promises a punch in the face, and they delivered a bit of a hug instead." - Audience Feedback

    The year 2020 was a never-ending river of bad news, when Charlie, a marketing assistant from New York, decides to quarantine in rural America at his Grandma Margie's house, he's greeted by Dee, a local townie who has been acting as a caretaker for his Grandma. The culture clash of worlds and words brings to light the best and worst of what 2020 has had to offer. STRANGE, BUT PERFECT is a hilarious, sweet and somber play that is a comforting salve for a crap year.

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