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    Halloween doesn’t visit often enough, but fear not! We’re summoning it back this summer with a spine-tingling event: the Summer Scream™ Silent Disco Halloween Costume Party! 

    Get ready for a hauntingly good time as our three electrifying DJs brew up a musical potion that’ll keep you dancing till the witching hour. Each DJ will cast their spell with a different genre:

    DJ Phantom Funk: Top 40 & EDM grooves that’ll make your bones shake.
    DJ Electro Elixir: High-voltage Hip-Hop + R&B to electrify the dance floor.
    DJ Soul Sorceress: Takes you back to the 80s/90s/2K classics you love.
    Costume Contest: Dress to impress (or distress)! Whether you’re a wicked witch, a ghostly ghoul, or a mischievous monster, flaunt your most spellbinding costume. The best-dressed spirits will win spooktacular prizes!

    Indoor and Outdoor Enchantments: The Belmont’s bewitching charm extends both indoors and outdoors. Choose your haunt:

    Indoor Cauldron: Dance inside with the A/C pumping.
    Moonlit Courtyard: Step outside and sway under the stars while watching our 3 DJs perform on stage. Beware of friendly ghosts!
    Tickets: Grab your broomsticks and secure your spot! Ticket prices will go up as the event gets closer, so lock in your early-bird tickets today.

    Remember, the veil between worlds is thin on this night. So, summon your spirit squad, channel your inner banshee, and join us for a ghoulishly good time at the Summer Scream™ Silent Disco Halloween Costume Party!

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