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    The Mellows, and Rod Gator

    Food by Bad Larry's

    The Mellows- The Mellows, hailing from Southern California, are a group of brothers and childhood friends who, after obsessing over groups like The Everly Brothers and The Beatles, formed their sound in their garage as early teens. Now residing in Texas, you can see them frequenting country and rock clubs, playing their timeless, charming sounds. Newly signed to Théo Lawrence’s TOMIKA RECORDS, The Mellows records focus on traditional analog recording and timeless style.

    Rod Gator- You can take the Gator out of Louisiana, but you can't take Louisiana out of the Gator. Years before launching his career as an internationally-celebrated southern songwriter, Rod Gator grew up in the Louisiana backcountry, making trips to his family's crayfish pond while absorbing the sounds, stories, and swampy swagger of his surroundings. "My dad is an old-school Cajun guy who wanted to name me 'Gator" he says. "He's got a good sense of humor, and I think he was also a big of Burt Reynolds' Gator films, which were a big hit at the drive-ins in the '70s." 

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