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    The Taino are the indigenous people of Borikén (Puerto Rico) and the Greater Antilles! Is your heart screaming to learn more? Join Kacike Tekina-eirú for an informal gathering as she shares the history and culture of the Taino of Boriken, and the living traditions her Yukayeke shares with our community.

    Bring your questions!

    Bring your beach chairs and maraca! This gathering will take place in the Batey (under the trees) of the Puerto Rican Cultural Center, 701 Tillery Street in Austin TX. (Or indoors if it's too hot!) Kacike Tekina-eirú is tribal leader of YUKAYEKE YARA CU (Tribe of the Sacred Place) -- a Taino Tribe of blood descendants & Guaytiao (friends) proudly serving Central Texas. 

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