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    Tactile Intimacy: Portraiture of M. J. Hale

    Exhibition Duration: September 7th – October 15th
    Opening Reception with artist & new works: September 13th | 5 - 8pm
    Special Events:
    Artist Meet & Greet September 16th & 22nd | 5 – 8pm
    Third Thursday September 21st | 6-9pm

    In the heart of Berlin's vibrant art scene, a narrative of resilience, dedication, and artistry unfolds. We are delighted to present an exclusive showcase of M. J. Hale's work, an English born painter whose remarkable oil portraits have started gaining a following. His first solo exhibition in Austin blends classical and contemporary influences and brings tactile intimacy to life.

    Hale’s oil paintings, some inspired by the classical greats, go beyond mere representation. His use of impasto textures, thoughtful color choices, and occasional collage elements endow his work with a tactile quality that invites a deeper connection between the viewer and the subject. A sense of touch seemingly transcends the canvas. Hale’s work bears the weight of classical influence, yet his pieces exude a refreshing modernity.
    It is this innovative approach that led to his recognition at the prestigious 2019 Summer Exhibition of the Royal Academy of Arts in London, with his piece "Moondog", also on view in the gallery.

    Hale’s twenty-year career as a professional video editor and director significantly informs his artistic approach. Cinematic nuances are evident in the composition of his pieces, his meticulous observation, and the intricate interplay of light and dark.
    His works echo the techniques of a filmmaker, bringing a layer of narrative drama to his still works.

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