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Tapestry Dance Company's "Sound & Silence - The Rhythms of Life" Film & Theater

Presenting some of the best world-class tap dancers from the US, Brazil, Israel and the UK right here in Austin, TX, the company will present an evening of “sound wonder.” Utilizing the relationship between silence and sound, the company will experiment with the textures, emotion, and reactions of the sounds of our everyday lives as well as the unspoken relationships we have with each other. Utilizing a palette of diverse music and play, this is tap dance at its finest and most daring.

Utilizing the structures from jazz to classical to hip-hop and alternative music, this world-class tap dance concert shares the power of rhythm and virtuoso technique from some of the best tap dancers in the world showing the diversity of this indigenous American art form. An education in the musicality beyond what most people see as tap dance, Tapestry presents rhythm tap as the incredible tool of communication through improvisation and choreography the goes beyond the stereotype. If you haven't seen Tapestry Dance Company, you haven't experienced the possibilities of rhythm, emotion and communication as the incredible language of listening.

We are all unique in our perspective of life’s journey and tap dance creates the beautiful orchestra of community. The magic word: Listen.

Tapestry Dance Company's "Sound & Silence - The Rhythms of Life"
  • to
  • Long Center for the Performing Arts / Rollins Theatre
  • $35
  • Recurring daily