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    A Reading of "Taste Buds: The Adventures of Cake and Broccoli" Written by Claire Derriennic

    When Cake and Broccoli are unexpectedly rejected on their one and only Eating Day, they must learn to be good so the humans will eat them. But will these unlikely buds find the answer before they wilt and go stale? Or is the meaning of “good” more complicated than it first appears? In this interactive play for ages 5 to 9, each participant receives a “menu” to fill with drawings of their favorite dishes. By challenging harmful narratives classifying food as “good” or “bad,” Taste Buds prompts participants to reflect on the cultural, social and nutritional value of food in their own lives.

    Saturday, March 2nd 11:00AM

    LEARN MORE: https://theatredance.utexas.edu/event/taste-buds-adventures-cake-and-broccoli

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