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    Four of the world's best Tropical and Tiki Bars kick off Texas Tiki Week 2023 for a one-night-only dual venue takeover of both The Roosevelt Rom & The Eleanor. For this star-studded, rum-fueled event, each bar will be bringing its own immersive experience and award-winning cocktails to the city of Austin.

    The event offers two hour reservations on Eventbrite that includes four libations (one from each bar) and tropical bites to enjoy. For guests prepared to get lost in the wonder of tiki cocktails, there is the option to extend their reservation by an hour offering the chance to explore each bar’s offering to the fullest.

    At the end of the reservation guests have the opportunity to vote for the bar that they believe offered the most extravagant and immersive experience, coupled with the most delectable cocktails. The bar that emerges victorious will be honored with a substantial donation of $2,500 to support their chosen charity.

    Must be 21+ to purchase and present a valid photo ID at the door. Once inside it is open seating with bar seats and tables on first-come, first-served basis.

    Guests are encouraged to arrive 15-30 minutes early to their reservation to ensure that there is ample time for check-in. Because check-ins are required for each reservation, guests might be admitted into the venue slightly past the time listed on their ticket. Rest assured that the complete duration of every reservation will be respected and upheld.

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