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    Chocolate has become a favorite delicacy enjoyed throughout the celebratory season. Whether it is used as a topping or dessert, chocolate lavishly elevates the holiday experience with its sweet flavor. This Thanksgiving, Delysia Chocolatier is hosting a special tasting with chocolate confections packed with flavors inspired by the traditional Thanksgiving meal.

    Broaden your culinary palate as you sample uniquely handcrafted chocolates at Delysia’s SAVOR: Chocolate Tasting Experience. Select from a set menu personally curated by our Chocolatier. Flavors include:

    Turkey & gravy chocolate truffle: White chocolate blended with turkey seasonings, herbs, and gravy for a creamy finish

    Sweet potato casserole chocolate truffle: Milk chocolate blended with sweet potato puree, southern spices and a dollop of cream for a savory flavor profile

    Caramelized stuffing chocolate truffle: Smooth caramel blended with traditional stuffing herbs and caramelized onions in bittersweet chocolate for a sweetened undertone

    Join us at Delysia Chocolatier and celebrate Thanksgiving with a chocolatey twist to your favorite holiday foods.

    At Delysia’s SAVOR: Chocolate Tasting Experience, customers will begin each experience with a brief overview of chocolate’s journey from the cacao pod through its production process into a culinary delight. Throughout every tasting, patrons will broaden their culinary palate as they explore aromatic and flavor profiles with our guided and systematic, immersive approach to tasting Delysia’s artisanal handcrafted chocolates.

    SAVOR: Chocolate Tasting Experience is hosted every Saturday and Sunday at our Culinary Center and Tasting Room. Savor 3 unique chocolate confections ($7 per person). Reservations are not required but highly recommended. Walk-ins are welcome.

    Delysia Chocolatier
    2000 Windy Terrace
    Suite 2C
    Austin, TX 78613

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