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    Austin’s only British style brass band will be performing their fall concert on Monday Oct 24th at 7pm at St. Martin’s Lutheran Church (606 W. 15th St.) in downtown Austin.

    The Austin Brass Band is a community band comprised of amateur and professional brass and percussion musicians from the Austin/Central Texas area. The Austin Brass Band is a 501(c)3 organization.

    Inspired by the 1996 British movie Brassed Off, the band was originally formed by members of the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble in 2005. The brass band dates back to the early nineteenth century and England’s Industrial Revolution as an outgrowth of the medieval waits (public musicians) with a vibrant tradition of competition based around communities and local industry. Although brass bands were an important part of life in nineteenth-century America, they were superseded by larger concert and marching bands. However, many fine historic brass bands are still actively performing today. Starting in the late twentieth century, North America has had a brass band resurgence.

    Under the direction of John Caputo, the Austin Brass Band will be performing works by well-known Brass Band composers Dorothy Gates, Eric Ball, James Curnow, and H.C. Goffin as well as composer Eric Whitacre. Our concerts are always free, please consider donating to help us continue to share our passion for British brass banding.

    To learn more about the Austin Brass Band and traditional British style brass bands:

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