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    The challenge, if you choose to except, is a 32 mile ultra experience through Bastrop's historic McKinney Roughs Nature Park. This scenic ultra will test your mind and body, all the while showcasing the beauty of Central Texas. Located just 14 miles from the Austin airport, The BUM will give athletes the chance to push their limits in a safe setting with like-minded individuals. We'd love to host you this up-coming President's Day... if you're ready!

    The Bastrop Ultra Marathon is a 32 Mile adventure run through the McKinney Roughs Nature Trails. The run will start and finish at the park headquarters, near Riverside Trail Head.
    There will be multiple aid stations, multiple checkpoint areas, field marshals and volunteers blanketing the course throughout.

    Date/Time: 07:00am Saturday, February 19, 2022 - 12:00pm Sunday, February 20, 2022

    Start: McKinney Roughs Nature Park @ Riverside Trail-Head

    Finish: McKinney Roughs Nature Park @ Riverside Trail-Head

    Distance: 32 Miles

    Number of Participants: 50 - 200

    Course Information and Description

    The run will start right outside of the park HQ @ Riverside Trail-Head. The entirety of the run will take place inside McKinney Roughs Nature Park, along the trail system and on designated park roads. The route will be clearly marked with luminescent signage, manned with volunteers, and Race Directors throughout the trails.

    This is a loop course and athletes will go no longer than six miles without an aid station/checkpoint. Aid Station information can be found on our site and will be handed out to the participants with their Race Day Packet. Pegasus will also cater to those participants that require any specific dietary needs/medication along the course. We also require every athlete to have their own hydration reservoir/bottle at all times.

    McKinney Roughs Nature Park - https://www.lcra.org/parks/mckinney-roughs-nature-park/

    McKinney Roughs Park Map - https://www.lcra.org/download/mckinney-roughs-nature-park-map-pdf/?wpdmdl=12160

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