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The BellRays w/ The Ghost Wolves and The Atom Age Live Music

☞ 18+ with $5 cash surcharge collected at the door. Doors at 8.

♦︎ The BellRays ♦︎
If music is food for the soul, then The BellRays are
Thanksgiving. At a BellRays show they know how to cook.
Lisa Kekaula and Bob Vennum dish up plate after plate,
hot and ready to eat.
Each song gives you flavors that both taste good going
down and make you wonder what's in it. Yes, the
ingredients are important, blues, punk, rock, R&B...But
even the best ingredients, used too much or too little, can
ruin the experience and tire out the senses.
The BellRays have been perfecting this recipe for years
now and may not win awards but if you are in earshot no
one leaves hungry.

The BellRays - On Top:

♦︎ The Ghost Wolves ♦︎
And then The Ghost Wolves are playing, transporting you to the haunted Southwestern Gothic wilderness of their darkest, most mesmerizing dreams, through the power of their hypnotic and hard-driving, blistering pure Texas rock and roll. Not shy at all about demanding audience interaction, Carley and Jonny scream and make you scream back. As Carley stalks the stage with furious joy, swapping guitars throughout the night, their raw-yet-practiced sound blasts through the small space and threatens to tear it down in a sexy kind of murderous vengeance.

♦︎ The Atom Age ♦︎
The Atom Age find their inspiration from the dust covered collections of unhinged 60’s punk and R&B, whose crazed energy was once misconceived as a better fit for your trashcan than for your turntable. While taking many of their cues from these primitive pilgrims of punk, The Atom Age still strive to lay down their own modernized take on the sound. The band’s new record, Hot Shame, was co-produced by Blag Dahlia of the Dwarves, and channels a wide range of influences from bands like The Sonics, Link Wray and the Murder City Devils.

The BellRays w/ The Ghost Wolves and The Atom Age