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    The Descending Castle is the newest offering of drawings and installation by artist James Roo. The show has been referred to by acclaimed interdimensional art critic Smerch the Craamp as “...not unlike a shambling nocturnal rodent, it’s hair matted with the grease of a burned out car engine nestled in the weeds of the abandoned cul-de-sac it calls home, emerging, swathed in the gloaming of dusk, it’s eyes—absurd glittering beacons, guiding it to the nearest turgid swamp to feast on bugs and crawling things under the cover of dark...”

    When reached for comment, the artist had this to say:

    “I have never had a helpful thought or an interesting whim in my entire life! I am the grey dust that settles on your half-eaten sandwich. “These images were beamed directly into my brain as I knelt paying homage at the alter of the Glowing Heap, my mind awash in the Stygian rays of the Effulgent Dump, all glory and power to the Glimmering Pile!”

    opening: Saturday, May 15 (2-8pm)
    additional open hours: Saturday, May 22 (2-8pm)

    The show will be viewed from 2 different windows outside of the gallery;
    please remember to provide ample space to other guests and wear a mask to respect everyone's safety.

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